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AFK channel

afk in “internet language” means away from keyboard, and it is used a lot across online video games to quickly say “i’m not here”.

i used this abbreviation to call the conceptual video games tv channel. AFK will be broadcasting video games related content such as previews and trailers, along with interviews, competitions and news.

i wanted to the channel to be on the ‘mature’ side, and have people over the age of 30 interacted. the identity idea was to use the power of 3: AFK, RGB & 3Dimensions. the RGB colors to represent the basic concept of a video screen, and all the 3 dimensions (1d, 2d, 3d), to keep in mind the classics and iconic games from the very beginning of video gaming.

and i added some glitch to everything.

this project was made with the guidance of Inbal Kaplan

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